The interest in McGregor vs Mayweather shows that fans are more interested in reality TV than boxing.

Monday’s solar eclipse may last longer than Conor McGregor in the ring against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, Aug. 26, but if McGregor somehow wins, he could turn out the lights on Las Vegas strip sportsbooks.

“All I know is we’re less than a week away from making a lot of money or getting [clobbered],” William Hill director of trading Nick Bogdanovich told ESPN over the weekend.

A solar eclipse seems common compared to what has transpired this summer with the betting action on Mayweather-McGregor. Even with their combined decades of oddsmaking experience, not a single sportsbook operator I spoke with anticipated the historic one-sided betting action they’ve seen on the fight.

“I never dreamed in a million years that it would create this kind of frenzy,” Bogdanovich said.

“I’m taking bets on this fight from guys that I’ve never seen before,” Wynn sportsbook director John Avello told ESPN.

The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook first posted Mayweather as a -2500 favorite (and McGregor a +1100 underdog) in a hypothetical bout back on Feb. 16. Since the fight became official on June 14, sportsbooks have witnessed mind-boggling handle, driving the consensus price to Mayweather -475 (McGregor +375).

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‘The Super Bowl of boxing’: How Vegas made Mayweather-McGregor odds

The last time famous Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro made a fighter a -2,700 favorite, the year was 1990 and Mike Tyson was fighting Buster Douglas. Here is the story of how Vegas made odds on the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight.


One bettor already has wagered $880,000 on Floyd Mayweather at South Point. Here is a running file of the biggest Mayweather-McGregor bets across Nevada sportsbooks.

And bettors remain undeterred across town, with approximately 16 of 17 tickets placed on the underdog with sizable payouts.

“Most of the people just ask to bet McGregor,” South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said. “They don’t even care what the price is.”

Given the wide margin between a favorite and an underdog, sportsbooks typically can guarantee a profit on any outcome of a wager. However, one property stands to lose nearly $3 million if McGregor pulls off the upset. Similar exposure exists throughout Nevada, and the offshore markets are even lower.

“This is like hanging -3 on the Super Bowl and seeing the line move to -8,” Jay Rood, vice president of MGM Resorts race and sports, told ESPN, revealing his company’s current ticket ratio of 25-1. Last month it was 50-1. “This could be the worst loss in the history of MGM Resorts.”

Oddsmakers must now decide how they want to administer their liability while also predicting the betting behavior over these final few days. “Ultimately, we want to be in a position where we win a significant amount on Mayweather, but we don’t want to be destroyed if McGregor wins,” John Murray, a manager and oddsmaker at the Las Vegas Westgate Superbook, said. “We don’t want this fight to cost us our whole year.”

In order to determine this appetite for risk and liability, some sportsbook operators have consulted executives and corporate offices for approval. Those are difficult conversations with a boss, given the unique matchup and unpredictability of the masses expected this weekend.

“It’s a giant unknown,” Avello said. “It’s like posting a point spread for the best college football team against the worst NFL team. It’s just so difficult to compare and then also to gauge the bettors’ reaction.”

So what should oddsmakers do? Allow the public to continue betting an inefficient line, or protect themselves from a bloodbath and limit what they see as an easy payday?

“If there were no market already established, I would’ve opened Mayweather at 100-1,” Bogdanovich said.

“As we know, anything can happen,” Vaccaro said. “But truthfully, this thing should be 50-1. To me, it’s absurd.”

Vaccaro just may be the de facto expert. Not only does the Vegas veteran have four decades of bookmaking experience, but he is the only known oddsmaker in the entire world to have posted a line for Buster Douglas’ upset of Mike Tyson in 1990, which closed at Tyson -4200. However, that experience provides zero clarity for the coming days.

“Your opinion is as good as mine. No one knows.”

The Nevada handle figures to intensify and possibly double boxing’s record of $50 million from 2015 between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The constant flow of McGregor money will keep coming this week, but Mayweather backers have been patiently waiting for an optimal strike price.

“Sharps are waiting to hit the Mayweather line when it bottoms out,” professional bettor and Yale economics major Rufus Peabody said. “There will be a lot of big-money bets on Mayweather. The question is how much of that will offset the public bets on McGregor.”

It is that simple. Uninformed tourists seek a giant payday on McGregor. Oddsmakers and professional bettors see huge value in the best fighter of a generation, undefeated at 49-0, facing a guy who has never boxed professionally.

“The question is the Floyd money. We just don’t know if it will happen in the next few minutes or late on Saturday,” Murray said. “We don’t want to move the price too much to force Mayweather action. The last thing we want is to need McGregor.”

To date, Vaccaro has taken the largest reported wager, and it came from well-known Las Vegas residents. The three Maloof brothers (Gavin, George and Joe) risked $880,000 on Mayweather -550 to win $160,000.

“The price kept coming down, and then it was just too good to pass up,” Mayweather neighbor Gavin Maloof told ESPN. He and his siblings vow to donate the winnings to charities in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Ironically, ESPN spoke to Maloof while he was watching the solar eclipse in Montana. You can’t make this stuff up, much like what has transpired this entire summer.

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McGregor vs Mayweather Fight online Tv tickets released for sale.

The first batch of tickets was released at 1 p.m. ET to those who received a code from Ticketmaster’s Fan Verified program, which aims to block brokers from buying up the tickets early. Some fans who received the codes, which do not guarantee tickets, sold them on eBay for as much as $200.

It was initially believed that Ticketmaster would begin selling to the general public at 3 p.m. ET, but a UFC spokesperson told ESPN that if any tickets remained after Monday, sales would open to the general public on Tuesday.

Ticket prices were previously announced at $500, $1,500, $2,500, $3,500, $5,000, $7,500 and $10,000. Tickets bought on Monday, per Ticketmaster rules on the site, had to be picked up at the box office.

That doesn’t include the 8.5 percent Ticketmaster service fee. For example, a $7,500 ticket has $637.50 in service fees.
Ticket Center (Pres. by Vivid Seats)

Want to catch the action live in Las Vegas? See if any tickets are in your price range. Check prices now!


mayweather vs mcgregor
mayweather vs mcgregor

A Ticketmaster official would not confirm the number of tickets that would be sold on its platform on Monday.

Before the tickets went on sale, the cheapest price posted by speculators on resale site Vivid Seats was $2,611, while the cheapest price posted on StubHub was $2,950.

The Aug. 26 bout is expected to beat the $72.2 million in ticket revenue from Mayweather’s fight against Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, where Mayweather-McGregor will take place, is more than 3,000 seats bigger than MGM Arena, where Mayweather-Pacquiao was held.

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Mayweather vs. McGregor : Live streaming online show time video kick off.

We’ve invited UFC featherweight Cub Swanson and boxing/MMA trainer Joel Diaz to square off with their opinions on Mayweather vs. McGregor and more at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday live in lo angels. The two Coachella Valley men will discuss the fight with The Desert show time ppv reporter. Find out if they think McGregor has a chance to win, and what’s the best strategy for making it a fight history.

Mayweather v McGregor free

Floyd mayweather Conor mcgregor completed a four-day, four-city promotional tour last week, and there’s now talk that the two could be a part of the richest fight in boxing history when they step into the ring together at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 26.

After the four-day spectacle that included the two hurling profanity-laced insults and $1 bills at each other, there’s little doubt millions will pay the $99.95 to watch the fight on Showtime and break the pay-per-view record of 4.4 million buys watch by Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in their 2015 bout.


Mayweather, a former five-division world champion, will put his pristine 49-0 boxing record on the line against Conor McGregor, who is perhaps the biggest name in boxing world. He’s a two-division mixed martial arts champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but will he be outclassed in the boxing fight?

Murdock had 19 pro fights, but he had never faced any elite competition, while Ward was already considered one of the best boxing fight in the world.

Given their extensive experience, they should understand the huge chasm in boxing skills between McGregor, Mayweather, and they would be within their rights to refuse to sanction this boxing. Some might even suggest they had an ethical obligation to reject this boxing fight.

Right now, I can’t be an absolutist about this. I must try to put myself in their shoes and understand why such a decision would be nearly impossible to boxing fight. With so much money at stake, the fight is going to happen somewhere. Budget shortfalls across America are crippling states, making the prospect of turning down a cash injection from tourism, taxes and some unpalatable. There must be some pressure from the top to pull this off without a hitch, as if it’s some kind of world boxing fight.

This fight is going to be one of the sports events of the year, and fans are incredibly excited about boxing. That’s a great boxing!

On the other option, what does the commission exist for if not saying no to such folly? Its short mission boxing includes the phrase “The Commission administers the State laws and regulations governing unarmed combat for the protection of the public and to ensure the health and safety of the contestants.”

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather : Training partner suggests role reversal

“It will be successful, financially,” said Leonard. “It is intriguing. It reminds me of when Muhammad Ali fought [Japanese wrestler Antonio] Inoki [in 1976]. I saw it just the other day. Back then I loved it but … if they decide upon boxing with McGregor, Mayweather wins hands down. But if McGregor was able to kick.”

“It’s two different sports trying to be one sport,” he added. “Would it sell? Yes it will sell. There’s a curiosity, which is a factor. But it won’t be what people are anticipating. It is not a fight which will please the boxing purists. We live in a different time now with social media and what have you. The purists, the boxing fans, would they like it? No, I don’t think so. But fans in general, the sports fans, they wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

If you are to believe what’s being said, one side of the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather negotiations is wrapped up in a neat, little package.

Fair warning, if you’ve come here expecting to read some HUGE update in the narrative to make this crossover megafight actually materialise, just click out of this piece now and try one of our quizzes, they’re far less frustrating than all this talk.

All you’re going to get here is words, but it’s important to document these things. Who knows what developments might happen in the future? We could end up referring back to Artem Lobov to draw conclusions like ‘Yeah, he was dead right’ or ‘man, he was talking out his hoop.’

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Live stream Where ?

Mayweather vs McGregor fight live stream will broadcast on Showtime PPV , The Pay Per View Channels .

Just to bring you up to speed, the UFC and Conor McGregor have supposedly agreed on terms. All this happened after Dana White admitted it was pretty much everyone but Floyd Mayweather’s fault that it had been taking so long to put pen to paper on a contract. White also promised to sit down and work out a deal with Team Mayweather. Two weeks after he had planned this, he confessed the meeting still hadn’t happened.

We’re only hearing the MMA side of the story. They’re telling us they’ve gone from being the one’s to blame for the negotiations being dragged out to being the one’s that have all their shit together

McGregor’s training partner and UFC featherweight Artem Lobov confirmed this is where things stand during a recent interview with Fight Nights Global (quotes via MMAJunkie).

“The ball is in Mayweather’s court right now. He’s the last signature that’s needed. He’s talked a big game, so let’s see if it happens now. Let’s see can he deliver now. When it really matters now, will he show up to fight?

“That’s what everybody wants to see. It’s going to be a great fight, so let’s make it happen.”

Not to be a Mayweather apologist or anything, but has he talked all that big of a game? It seems like the lion’s share of the talking is coming from one side.

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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather live stream from both both Offline cable TV channels and online showtime PPV channels .

Leonard continued: “It’s close [to being one of the greatest mismatches in boxing]. The fact that we boxers deliver punches is so different to what they do. There’s more looping and what have you because they also have to be in position to be able to kick and be on balance to deliver that elbow or whatever shot they have. sources